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Meet Tanveera Rounaque Sharhadi (India) – English

Meet Tanveera Rounaque Sharhadi, a Zoology student at B Borooah College residing at Guwahati, India now but originally from Jorhat, Assam, India. According to her “Photography was never her field of interest aand it was only because of her friends , she started using Instagram. This became a great breakthrough for her as it led […]

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Kunal Rathod – English

Meet Kunal Rathod, an automobile engineer and iPhone photographer. Started his venture in phone photography with an iPhone 4 in 2012. He was very much amazed by the quality of the camera of iphone and after some searches in google found out iPhone Photography School, a site for learning how to capture great and amazing […]

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Viajar con Dinosaurios: Jorge Saenz

El fotógrafo paraguayo Jorge Saenz utiliza clásicos trucos de perspectiva para que sus dinosaurios cobren vida en su ingeniosa serie de fotos de viajes #Dinodinaseries. Sus imágenes documentan los viajes de los dinosaurios por Sudamérica. Todo comenzó con Dino, el braquiosaurio verde, en Bolivia. Saenz se compró a Dino en un puestito de La Paz, Bolivia, y luego publicó […]

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Zoe McCall (English)

The Last week we interviewed some professionals (Sylvie Gagelmann, Mike James and Michael Zwahlen). This week we will be interviewing some non-professionals. Meet Zoe McCall, a lifeguard and swim teacher from United Kingdom. She has done a few photography courses and do shoots when requested, but mostly does scenic pictures when she is out and […]

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Mike James – english

Meet Mike James from Geelong in Australia, is a late adopter to Smart phone photography after using the DSLR for twenty years His transition from DSLR to Smartphone photography was due to a sad phage of his life : Loosing his mother. He says “My mother passed away over two years ago. After her passing, […]

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Sylvie Gagelmann – English

Meet Sylvie Gagelmann, one of the renowned mobile photographers from Hamburg, Germany currently residing over at Berlin. She is currently doing workshops to understand what people feel in front and behind the camera, what they are, can be and want to be and calls it Goodfeelography. ( Her journey with mobile photography began when she […]

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